What’s in a Name?

The naming of this site might seem a bit mysterious and should probably be clarified.  So… what’s in a name?  The “Journal” part is fairly self-explanatory but, “Yeoman” may need some explanation.

“Yeoman” was a term used for independent, American landholders in the 18th and early 19th centuries.  Their existence played heavily into Thomas Jefferson’s “Agrarian Ideal” and was central to the history and formation of Republicanism in the United States.  It refers to a way of life that Jefferson (and I) tend to believe was/is the heart and soul of the country that became the world’s beacon of liberty.

The agrarian life, or Yeomanism, is simple, free, patriotic, and self-sufficient.  All the things “America” was to represent and that the “Republican Form” of government was to ensure through a guarantee of individual rights to life, liberty, and property.  It is also an existence I have aspired to my entire life.

With our last move, into the Piedmont of the Blue Ridge, Maria and I have the opportunity to truly make this lifestyle a reality for ourselves and want to share it with others… irrespective of location.  We see this realization of our dream, along with the current recognition of the “Forgotten men and women” of the heartland, as timed particularly well for a true American Renaissance and a return to true, American values like life, liberty, and property.  As such, we’d like to make our adventures your adventures in order to highlight ways to help others realize their own American dreams.

Those of you who know me well, know that I have been employed in Manufacturing Operations Management for some time.  And, while it pays reasonably well… I hate it.  It is truly a soul-killing, mind-numbing, 60 – 80 hour a week profession that, frankly boils down to glorified baby-sitting and ought to justifiably be automated when Skynet takes over.  My life was much simpler when all my disciplinary problems were solved by administering push-ups.

In any case, Maria and I are in the process of trimming our monthly expenses back, killing our debt, and looking forward to engaging in the new internet economy in order to eliminate our traditional, “brick and mortar” jobs.  Fact is, approaching five decades on the planet and being newly minted empty-nesters has made us yearn for more free time, better financial opportunities, and fewer encumbrances in our “professional” lives.  In short, we’d like to be able to come and go as we please and enjoy each other’s company… yes, she still seems to think I’m decent company after 28 years (God knows why…).

Toward that end, we will be introducing content ranging from cooking tips and recipes, to goods reviews of items we use on a regular basis, to podcasts with others engaging in the more cutting-edge areas of the economy (in order to help our readership to see what’s possible), to gardening, to cost-saving and value-add ideas for the homestead, to DIY instructionals, to creating goods and services within our areas of interest and expertise, to reviewing convenient, web based sites, that may help others find value and avoid the brick and mortar stores with crowds, lousy customer service, and limited inventory (yes, folks… Wallyworld sucks), to social and political commentary, to simply enjoying life, and showing our audience what our day to day is like and how it progresses.  We want to show the world what is possible, no matter of location.  Being self-sufficient and living a simple life does not have to mean a spartan existance.  Simple, to us, means fun and free.

So, in answer to the question, “What’s in a name?”, this particular name represents an example of how to live your American Dream via founding American ideals and through a simple, fun approach to the new internet economy by way of the new media that is blogging, vlogging, podcasting, and various social media networks.  It represents our try at an American revival via technologies that allow us all to be more independent.

In short, like the man said, “Free your mind, your ass’ll follow”.


One thought on “What’s in a Name?

  1. Wish you all the best with your new endeavors and blog. I’ve sort of followed the same path these past few years and relearning lost agricultural skills is much tougher than I imagined. So is voicing a coherent opinion on social media. With all the butt heads in the world today its easy to think, “Why waste my time trying to share anything worth while” but then we stumble upon some who really are interested in what we have to say and the butt hurt ones fall away. Most times I like reading old books by the people who built western civilization rather than social media from the people trying to destroy it.

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