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Fizzlepoint Charlottesville

... React: White Nationalist Charlottesville Protest, Alt-Right UVA Rally

... to protest Confederate statue removal; over 1,000 rally to protest KKK

The alt-right’s much ballyhooed event, Unite the Right, was a dud round.  An unmitigated flop that did nothing to help the “cause”.  In fact, it was not only unproductive, it was counter-productive.

Allow me to be clear about a couple things.  I despise Antifa and the left.  On a good day they are little more than nihilist, communist, wannabes agitating toward a dystopian, soviet-style, western descent into Orwellian and Huxley-esque darkness.  On that basis, I think there is a certain amount of validity to the “alt-right” counterpoint perspective and I look forward to a return to “Western Values” but…

Let’s ignore the fact that in the aftermath of the UtR event that the alt-right “leadership” is whining like the bunch of millennial children they are about the unfair treatment that they received at the hands of the leftists, the complicit media, Charlottesville’s city government, and the Virginia State Police.  Let’s ignore the fact that if the UtR organizers had bothered to observe history and recent events, that they should have expected exactly what occurred.  Let’s focus on where things really went wrong.

First, if at any time, you start to assume that your enemy’s enemy is your friend, you are on the path to ruin.  In this particular case, any time you allow yourself to align with white supremacists, complete with incendiary messages and symbolism, you will have completely negated any façade of legitimacy and short circuited any possibility of sympathy for your message.  Allowing your movement to be infiltrated and co-opted by extremists is a non-starter and won’t win any hearts and minds.

Second, as the legendary Tiger Force commander, David Hackworth observed, “If you find yourself in a fair fight, you didn’t plan your mission properly,”.  To expect, given easily observable historic patterns, that the “left” is going to allow you to play successfully by their rules is folly.  Beyond which, as any competent combatant knows, you never fight on the opposition’s terms.  Never box a boxer.  If you choose to engage in battle using non-tactics, expect to lose.  Badly.  Oddly enough, losing badly was exactly what occurred.

So, while there will be lots of after action reviews of what went wrong and what to do better “next time”…  I’ll cut to the chase:  Alt-Right, you fucked this up.  Bigly.

You aligned yourself with the least sympathetic, most anti-social, fringe elements of society and arrived on scene looking like some oddball, stickball team ready to do sandlot battle.  You made the poor assumption that you were going to be able to play the game, by the other team’s rules and win.  And, when things didn’t go your way, you broke down in tears like some pre-pubescent girl scouts who were rebuffed by those who prefer Oreos to Thin Mints.

In short, you blew the last, best chance you had to gain real traction for a return to “Western Civilization” without resorting to wholesale violence.  Well done and welcome to the dustbin of history.


2 thoughts on “Fizzlepoint Charlottesville

  1. Grasshopper says:

    Nicely worded. Co-opting occurring in several units on both sides of the aisle, it seems. I’m wondering if in-street protest is even a valid modality, anymore.

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