So, you want a Revolution…

I’m in the process of partially unplugging from the surveillance state. I’ve stopped playing the FaceSpace game except to use the platform to auto-diseminate blog posts. I’m doing away with Goolag accounts, even though I only use them as dummies. Yoohoo can kiss my ass. There is no way I’m moving to the Fruity OS.

I need to dump Windoze and Orifice 360 entirely and install Ubuntu and Linux programming again. I’d really like a Linux OS for smartphones but it appears that development has pretty much ceased in the last few years.

I’m no tech geek but, with recent revelations about the Brothers Big, I’m starting to really think I need to become better acquainted with the mechanics of the tech. Technology is not going away and to effectively operate and communicate in the world at large, you have to access those tools without allowing “everyone” to look over your shoulder all the time.

As stated before, if it’s digital, there is no bulletproof security. But, I don’t have to skyline myself. And, in truth, myself and my activities are, likely, of very little interest to the digital predators out there but, why take unnecessary chances?

As I work through this transition of software and applications, I will highlight the solutions I have found, that work best for me, in this space. Consider this a public service to to others who may want to unplug from the digital Goolag.

This “unplugging” is a form of counter-revolutionary, resistance. As a wise man once said, “a moving target is harder to hit”.

Stay tuned…


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