The Paperchase…


Who keeps sending me all these stacks of paper?

With the advent of the internet and e-mail and electronic communication generally, we were supposed to begin our journey to a mostly paperless society. Remember that? But, then, they promised us flying cars by now too. What we have instead is earthbound, driverless, Teslas. Crashing into shit. Thanks, Elon.

In any case, at work and at home, I receive more paper than I can process. If I look at this crap once, I’ll never look at it again. And despite best intentions to do otherwise, I set it aside and… it piles up. So that, even if I wanted to, I’d never be able to find it again. Aargh!

All electronic communication has done is give us another means with which to irritate each other with information we really don’t need or, truth be told, want. Hell, I have one co-worker who prints every e-mail he receives. Talk about defeating the purpose…

Are there certain paper-media based things I think we should not do away with? Absolutely. For intsance, books. I tend to think that everyone should read. A lot. And, I think e-books are fantastic. In fact, I’m considering reading e-books just to find the books I want in hardcopy. Yes… read everything, find books worth putting in the library, and e-liminating the rest.

Seriously, no one can deal with all this crap. And, honestly, I’m pretty sure that I’m now collecting as many, if not more, stacks of useless paperwork now than I ever did pre-e-communication.

Bear in mind… I’m not a neat freak. Never have been. But, there is a point at which, enough is enough. And, I’ve reached it with this paperchase.

There is no point. It’s in the way. It’s a pain to dispose of. And, it’s incredibly expensive and wasteful.

If you are going to send me anything paper… make damned sure I’ve asked you for it. If not, I’m coming to your house to have a talk with you


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