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As some of you know, professionally, I am in Manufacturing Operations Management. Fewer of you know that currently, my industry is Modular Homebuilding.

To be clear, Modular Homes are not “double wides” or “HUD Homes”.  What we do is custom homebuilding.  Designed, engineered, and built to residential code.  The real difference between Modular and “Site-built” construction has to do with the fact that our entire construction process in Modular, from framing to dry-in, occurs inside a manufactuing facility as opposed to in the elements.

The article below surrounds a project and professional opportunity for my company is that is one of many in our current pipeline.  We set the first house in Charlotte, NC this week and I just thought I’d share.

Charlotte’s first modern modular home to be delivered this week — with 10 townhomes for sale coming soon

A new type of home construction is coming to Charlotte.

Modular homes can have a reputation for being cheap and flimsy. That’s one of the reasons why you don’t really see them anywhere in Charlotte.

Frederick Laury plans to change that. This week, he’ll introduce the city’s first “modern” modular home project.

Nearly the entire house is built in a factory. It will be delivered to the homesite Wednesday about 85 percent completed — with cabinetry, windows, doors, tile work and plumbing done ahead of time.

Then it will be lifted by crane onto its foundation and completed.

Rendering of the rear of Laury’s first modern modular home.

Laury runs an engineering firm in Charlotte that works heavily with Duke Energy. As he started looking for a new house of his own, he started wondering why nobody was creating modular projects locally.

“It’s cost-effective, it’s more sustainable, it’s more green, it’s more efficient,” he said. “I could not find one con to it. Unfortunately, in this part of the country, we just haven’t embraced it.”

Not seeing anything on the market, he launched MOD-CLT to build some himself.

MOD-CLT’s first project will be his personal home.

Laury has a lot in the Seversville neighborhood, just a few steps from Blue Blaze Brewing. It’s currently vacant.

There are plenty of homebuilders active in the area. But Laury wanted something different.

“With all the building going on in Charlotte, I just thought it was time to introduce a new way of doing things,” he said.

It was also much faster. He got the permits March 8, and will be substantially completed this week. It will be fully ready by July.


Coming soon: 10 townhomes priced in the mid-$300,000s.

Laury will be using his personal home to jumpstart a full modular townhome community.

The location isn’t 100 percent finalized, but Laury said it will be within walking distance of a NoDa light rail station. Each home will be about 2,000 square feet.

Laury says interested buyers will be able to check out his home and see what they’ll be getting. He plans to pre-sell a few of the homes, and build out the rest and sell them as they’re completed.

Should MOD-CLT’s first community be successful, Laury has his eyes on more modular homes around Uptown.


Shit Tests.


Redvolution #78

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NXIVM: Leader approves of incest and gang rape; Allison Mack is a satanist

You can believe in what “they” believe or not.  It matters little.  Note the players involved and their connections and… as a result… likely influence.  And, influences.

If you think they are alone or isolated in their belief system, you are incorrect.  These people are “followers” and were introduced to this “faith”.

To quote a friend, “What you believe is irrelevant.  All that matters is that they believe what they believe.”

via NXIVM: Leader approves of incest and gang rape; Allison Mack is a satanist

The case against sex cult NXIVM just keeps getting more troubling.

NXIVM (pronounced “Nexium”) is supposedly a marketing organization that offers self-help personal and professional development seminars, but is instead a sex cult that branded and enslaved willing women, as well as trafficked children.

Devotees of NXIVM paid thousands of dollars for seminars, wore colored sashes denoting their “rank,” spouted Scientology-like jargon, and literally bowed before founder-leader Keith Raniere, 57, as their “Vanguard.” Among supporters of NXIVM are:

  • Actresses Allison Mack, Linda Evans and Kristin Kreuk.
  • Seagram heiresses Sara and Clare Bronfman, who poured a fortune into NXIVM, reportedly $150 million.
  • Business mogul Richard Branson, BET co-founder Sheila Johnson, and Enron CEO Stephen Cooper. NXIVM held two “wild parties” on Branson’s private Caribbean island in 2007 and 2010, but Branson’s Virgin Management spokesman denies any association between Branson and NXIVM or its founder.
  • Family members of Mexican presidents Vicente Fox and Carlos Salinas.
  • Democrat politicos with connections to the Clintons: former surgeon general Antonia Novello, a Bill Clinton appointee; longtime Clinton friend-fund raiser Richard Mays, whom Bill Clinton appointed to the Arkansas Supreme Court; NXIVM lobbyist Doug Rutnik, father of Democrat Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (NY). At least three high-ranking NXIVM members — the cult’s second in command Nancy Salzman, and the Bronfman sisters — are members of the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Global Initiative.

Raniere didn’t just brand and molest adult women, he raped at least two minor females, aged 15 and 12. According to a DOJ detention memo to U.S. Magistrate Judge Steven Gold, Raniere also condones incest and gang rape. He told one slave that “incest is not wrong if the ‘victim’ is sexually aroused by the experience”. He also “questioned whether gang rape is bad if the person being raped has an orgasm.”

In March, Raniere was extradicted to the United States from a luxury villa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where he had been hiding with several women for the past 5 months. Allison Mack then took over as interim cult leader, until she herself was arrested on April 20, 2018. Mack had recruited women into NXIVM, whose pubic areas were branded with both her initials and Raniere’s as their willing sex slaves.

Mack’s unsealed indictment states the three charges for which she was arrested:

  1. Sex trafficking of children or by force, fraud or coercion.
  2. Conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of childrenor by force, fraud or coercion.
  3. Attempt to establish peonage, slavery, involuntary servitude, human trafficking.

When I reported Mack’s arrest in a post on April 21, I appended this quote at the bottom of her pic:

“The Devil may appear in the vesture of the Angel of Light.” –2 Corinthians 11:14

My instincts were right.

A sharp-eyed contributor to Voat, bobke, noticed the devil earrings Allison Mack was wearing in a Getty Image and enlarged them. The dangling pendant in the middle of the three rings is of Baphomet!

Allison Mack

Frank Parlato, a former NXIVM consultant who, for several months, had lived and worked with the cult, and communicated closely day and night with top NXIVM officials, claims to have evidence and information of other NXIVM crimes, including:

Hacking into people’s personal emails, phone records, and bank accounts; bribing Mexican judges and politicians; massive tax evasion; smuggling $10 million into the US in cash from Mexico; bringing illegal aliens across the border at Niagara Falls and then imprisoning them; allegations from victims of statutory rape; cover up of at least two suicides; engaging in a classic Klein Conspiracy to impede the function of the IRS, with more than 75 corporate entities and/or “shell” companies, with scores of shifting bank accounts; paying employees’ salaries and telling them not to pay income taxes – and even a possible admission of having people killed.

Meanwhile, the MSM continue their virtual black-out on reporting the NXIVM crimes, arrests and indictments.



Redvolution #76