For Lent (maybe longer), I’ll be rather scarce on FB.  I will likely check-in periodically, to keep up with a couple things, but I won’t be participating in the festivities.

Instead, I’ll be spending much more time working on me.  Brushing up on some foreign language skills, praying, reflecting, and working on some other, much more important projects.  In fact, that will likely be my M.O. going forward.

I’m going to use Lent as an excuse to distance myself from the disordered world of FB and social media generally.  There are too many other important things I need to focus on other than the daily outrage and piling on (no matter how recreational), and that’s what I’m going to do.

There will likely be a subsidiary blog going up in the next couple weeks focused on real world action as opposed to the social media re-action that seems so prevalent.  It’s a project i’ve been working on in one way or another for some time that folks can actively participate in or simply support financially or otherwise.  But, again, it will be focused on action.  Not idle talk.

So… that’s what’s happening.  Less talk.  More doing.

May you all have a blessed Lenten season.


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