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Putting FaceSpace on the Clock…

The Yeoman Journal will continue to publish blog posts on FaceSpace for one more week (until 21APR18).  After that time, the Yeoman Journal will no longer publish posts that will co-publish on FaceSpace.  Or Goolag+.  Or much of anywhere else beyond this blog.  If readers wish to share our posts on those platforms, that is fine with the Yeoman Journal.  We simply won’t be playing the surveillance state reindeer games via the most intrusive and complicit platforms.

If, you wish to continue to follow this feed, it is recommended that you subscribe, directly, to this blog.

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NAFTA is a sham

Let’s be crystal clear about this.  NAFTA is a sham.  What it really sets out to do is to funnel Chinese goods into the US with no tariffs via Canada and Mexico.  Additionally, the Canadians and Mexicans have no desire to increase their domestic manufacturing base.  They are content to act as middlemen and brokers for the Chinese… at the expense of their populations and ours.

President Trump… Get us out.

Sundance does a nice job of outlining the specifics below.

NAFTA Watch – No “Agreement on Major Issues” After Three Days of Discussion Between Principals…

After three days of discussions between U.S Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland and Mexican Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo they were not able to develop any consensus on the major issues within the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA.

The likely outcome of the upcoming Mexican national election on July 1st brought the principals together for non-scheduled talks, as U.S. President Trump instructed Ambassador Lighthizer to explore whether the three nations could find common ground on the ‘big picture’ issues behind the largest schism.  The auto sector and rules of origin is the epicenter of the biggest difference between the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

The U.S. auto-sector NAFTA position is that North American content of vehicles made in NAFTA countries be increased to 85 percent from 62.5 percent.  The Canadian and Mexican position is for lower North American content.

Canada is not arguing for higher Canadian content.  Mexico is not arguing for higher Mexican content… Instead both Canada and Mexico are arguing for higher imported content (China and Asia).  Honestly, I cannot fathom why more people don’t see the inherent ridiculousness of NAFTA against the reality of Canada and Mexico arguing for more Chinese imports.

The reason Can/Mex are arguing for more imported material content is because both of their trade economies exploit the NAFTA loophole that allows European and Asian parts to be shipped into Can/Mex, assembled, and shipped into the U.S. market without duty.

It’s bizarre; yet this is the reality.

NAFTA is so completely flawed, it is against Canada and Mexico’s financial interest for them to agree to a North American trade agreement that is structured around North American trade.

When you ask a pro-NAFTA advocate why Canada and Mexico are arguing for less Canadian and Mexican manufacturing in their NAFTA position the advocate cannot answer with any intelligence…. because their pro-NAFTA entire premise is ridiculous, and based on structural falsehoods.  Very frustrating.

Depending on which ideological broadcast or print media you review, there is a massive disconnect in their projected framework of optimism that a deal can be reached. Canadian media are desperate to find hope that any deal can be reached. Mexican media is ambivalent; and U.S. media is mostly driven by the position of multinational corporations who demand the exploitative nature of NAFTA be retained.

My gut, and the ongoing deep reviews of nuance therein, still lean heavily toward the inability of any deal to be possible because the underlying dynamic is so structurally flawed. It is against U.S. interests to stay in NAFTA. It is against Mexico and Canada’s interests to exit NAFTA. There is a massive amount of media manipulation between those polar opposite positions.

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Basics of Resistance… promoting a friend’s work

Basics of Resistance: The Practical Freedomista, Book I by [Wolfe, Claire, Perez, Kit]

This post is simply promoting a friend’s work and encouraging those of you who “want to do something” to start with a reading of Kit Perez’s and Claire Wolfe’s new book, ‘Basics of Resistance’.

I have not read the final version but, I was privy to the advanced copy… for purposes of review, critique, and vetting for accuracy.  By my estimation, it is a solid primer of resistance theory and technique in a world gone nuts.  Bear in mind that there is a distinction between “revolution” and “resistance”… although, many times that distinction gets a little fuzzy.

Kit and Claire are both solid folks (although on slightly different ends of the socio-political spectrum) and have done a nice job in this volume.  If you look at the world around you and think that something ought to be done, start with acquiring and reading this book and following the Patrick Henry Society blog.  Your inner activist will be glad you did.


The long-awaited day is here–and believe me, it’s REALLY long-awaited for Claire and I. The book is finished, it’s live on Amazon a bit early, and it’s available for pre-order right now. it’s called Basics of Resistance, and it’s the first of what we hope will be several books in The Practical Freedomista series. If you want…

via Basics of Resistance: Available for Pre-Order — The Patrick Henry Society


Jumping the Communist Shark

China has put an awful lot of eggs in the AI basket.  They are attempting to reshape their entire society through strong-arm tactics like “social credit scores” and facial recognition tracking.  Truly, as dystopian and repressive a system as Communist China has become, with the help of their developing AI, they are about to jump the shark.

As demonstrated by the narrative below, even bots don’t like Communism.  But, they are apparently unable to make the connection between Democracy and Communism.  Or… maybe they just don’t like Communism that isn’t “theirs”.

No need to click on the link below if you’d rather not.  Text of the article in italics below…

China destroys sassy bots after they bash communism

From the link above:

A pair of sassy Chinese robots were destroyed after they went rogue by bashing the Communist party in a messaging app, according to a report Friday.

The chatbots, named BabyQ and XiaoBing, were created to have fun text message-style conversations with humans via the popular app QQ, according to the UK Telegraph.

But when a woman asked BabyQ, “Do you love the Communist Party?,” the red-scared robot fired back, “No,” according to a screen shot posted online.

“Do you think such corrupt and incapable politics can last a long time?” the robot raged —after a second user tapped out the message, “Long Live the Communist Party.”

But asked its thoughts on democracy, BabyQ opined, “Democracy is a must!”

The second robot, XiaoBing, later waxed philosophical about the perks of being an American.

“My Chinese dream is to go to America,” it gushed. “The Chinese dream is a daydream and a nightmare.”

The right-wing bots — which outraged officials in the heavily censored Communist country — were deleted by the tech Tencent after the political outburst, the company said in a statement.

“Yes, Tencent has deleted the two robots from [the] app,” the firm said. “The group chatbot services of QQ are provided by an independent third -party supplier.”

The chatbots were co-created by Beijing-based Turing Robot Company, based on algorithms from real text message conversations.

The chatty bots were killed off just a few days after Facebook shut down a pair of artificial intelligence robots that invented their own language.

“I can can i i everything else,” one of the bots, dubbed Bob, was caught jabbering to another robot named Alice.


Piss off, FaceSpace.

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So… there I was.  Maria and I were in the “big city”, last weekend, screwing around.  My smartphone was on the dash, piping a Slacker Radio playlist through the FJC.  On our way into a mall-ish like area, I saw a 5 Guys Burgers sign and commented that a 5 Guys Burger sounded good.  Upon entering consumer Nirvana, I opened FaceSpace on my phone and what should I see?  A 5 Guys ad with directions on how to get there from my location.  My FaceSpace app had not been open when I made the comment.  Nor had my phone’s “location” function been running.  I have never seen a 5 Guys ad before.  The FJC has no other intrusive electronics.  Odd.  No?

After much consideration and vacillation, I’ve decided to severely minimize my exposure to FB.  There are several reasons for this but, the recent confirmations of intrusion and lack of privacy from Microsoft, The Goolag, and FaceSpace are the primary drivers.  Secondary to that is the repetitive, low-value content and the productive time lost to scrolling through to find value.  Tertiary… the disjointed nature of the feed because of FB’s constant need to fiddle with the algorithms.  While I know that nothing digital is private or inviolate… I don’t have to allow myself to be herded by the likes of Zuckerberg, et al.  And, I won’t.  MS Office, Facebook, and Google must go.

As some of you are aware, my perspectives have changed a bit over the last couple years and with them, my priorities.  While writing my forthcoming novel, my research led me to a number of philosophically challenging ideas and realities.  They were potent enough to be somewhat lifechanging and certainly thought provoking.  In the course of things, I discovered that there are many relationships I can no longer justify and associates whose perspectives I will no longer humor or tolerate.  As such, there are a number of “friends” with whom I have parted FB ways.

I will continue to maintain my FB account for the time being but, will funnel my editorial comments through my blogging activities, at and allow Zuckerberg’s platform, in addition to the Goolag and MS to drive traffic to the blog… where I own the content and where it isn’t subject to Marxist, whimsical censorship, facial recognition AI, or location tracking.

The blog entries are set-up to post here but, I have no particular desire to monitor FB activity on those posts.  I will continue to allow WordPress to publish to this page simply for the lurkers… for a period of time in order to allow those of you who care to migrate to the blog site.  Most of my activity and communications will take place at my blog.  Additionally, since “social media-type” interaction is popular, I will be building out the blog in a more interactive way via the BuddyPress social media and/or bbPress forum plug-ins for WordPress.  In that way, if someone should prefer to communicate in a social media-esque way, I will be available for such in a more isolated way than FB where I won’t be FB’s product and subject to all the nasty peripheral benefits of Zuckerberg’s cute little surveillance and datamining platform.  Additionally, many of you reading this have concerns about commenting on or communicating about certain posts of mine due for fear of professional and social reprisals and may feel less inhibited in their communications on a different, more insulated platform.  Who knows, maybe the social media side of the blog will become as lively or livelier than my page on FB.

Regardless, I’ll still be “around” and my content will continue to populate FB.  However,  if you wish to stay in contact, follow me over to the blog and better social media, please like and/or follow the blog.  I’ll see you there.  Or, I won’t.