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The Joys of the Blue Ridge Highlands

We spent the afternoon in glorious, 75° F weather, at the Appomattox Oyster & Seafood Festival , a stone’s throw from the famous Civil War battlefield, put on by the Appomattox Historical Society.  Yes… I get the irony of the idea of a seafood fest in a landlocked, foothills region.

We had a great time, as usual.  And enjoyed the local “flavor” of the event.  The Appomattox Historical Society puts on a variety of events every year.  Many of them surrounding the budding alcoholic industry in the region.  An annual wine festival, highlighting local and regional winerys.  An annual Moonshine Fest, featuring local distilleries.  The (now) annual Oyster Fest… Featuring seafood and lots of booze (wineries, distilleries, breweries, and the like).  The only thing missing for a local booze hound is a Brew Fest.

At this particular event, Maria and I stumbled upon a tasting tent for Silverback Distillery in Nelson County, Afton, VA.  Maria has never been a “Whiskey Girl” but, she enjoyed, a lot, the Blackback Honey Rye.

Now… as for myself, I am a Rye Whiskey enthusiast.  And I enjoyed the Blackback, Lucky 13 Rye.  A lot.  It may become a regular alternate to my favored, Templeton Rye.

In any case… I spent some time cruising around the interwebz for information surrounding Silverback.  And, found a local company I really like.  In an industry that is hamstrung, as is brewing, by Big Beer and Big Licquor, through lobbying legislators to cripple small business via legislating State alcohol distribution laws.  Frankly, alcohol distribution and regulation is disgusting and corrupt.  And, goes back to the first, post-Constitution, unconstitutional governement actions.  Read up on the Whiskey Rebellion during Washington’s administration.  If you’re not already aware of that historical nugget, you’ll have an eye opening experience that will begin to shed some light on my general dislike and distrust of government generally and federals specifically.  Badges are not welcome at the Yeoman Freehold.  Below is a promotional video for Silverback:

So… to make a long, rambling story as short as possible… Support your local brewers and distillers.  Enjoy their wares.  If you don’t drink whiskey… start.  If you are a reader of the Yeoman Journal, move to central Virginia… our porches are too far apart.

Here are a couple pics from the event.

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Putting FaceSpace on the Clock…

The Yeoman Journal will continue to publish blog posts on FaceSpace for one more week (until 21APR18).  After that time, the Yeoman Journal will no longer publish posts that will co-publish on FaceSpace.  Or Goolag+.  Or much of anywhere else beyond this blog.  If readers wish to share our posts on those platforms, that is fine with the Yeoman Journal.  We simply won’t be playing the surveillance state reindeer games via the most intrusive and complicit platforms.

If, you wish to continue to follow this feed, it is recommended that you subscribe, directly, to this blog.

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Purify them…

This invader is not a “migrant”.  Words mean things.  Let’s use them correctly, shall we?

It used to be that if one scaled the castle walls, one was subject to all sort of nastiness… arrows, boling oil, etc.  I think it’s time to reinstate similar processes.  Build towers.  Man them with armed sentries.  Shoot on sight.  Failing that… set the “migrants” on fire and throw them back.

Is this our country or is it not?  If it is, maybe it’s time to start acting like it.

Text from the original link attached below so you do not have to click if you choose not to.

A young Mexican helps a compatriot to climb the metal wall that divides the border between Mexico and the United States to cross illegally to Sunland Park, from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua state, Mexico on April 6, 2018. US President Donald Trump on April 5, 2018 said he would send thousands of National Guard troops to the southern border, amid a widening spat with his Mexican counterpart Enrique Pena Nieto. The anti-immigration president said the National Guard deployment would range from 2,000 to 4,000 troops, and he would 'probably' keep many personnel on the border until his wall is built -- spelling out a lengthy mission. / AFP PHOTO / HERIKA MARTINEZ (Photo credit should read HERIKA MARTINEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Four illegal aliens climbed the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border between Ciudad Juarez in Mexico and Sunland Park, New Mexico, Friday to taunt President Trump’s tough-on-immigration stance.

The Daily Mail reported that one migrant, with the help of three other men, leaped over the border wall and ran into U.S. territory in less than two minutes.

“He couldn’t get over! He was taking forever,” one of the men who helped the migrant told AFP, adding that he has seen others climb the 20-foot wall in one minute.

The Mexican man then ran off towards a group of houses before U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers could spot him.


The actions of these illegal aliens come after Trump directed the Defense Department to send thousands of troops to the U.S.-Mexico border to ramp up border security.

Trump signed a proclamation Wednesday directing Defense Secretary James Mattis to “request use of National Guard personnel to assist” with the Department of Homeland Security’s existing efforts to secure the border.

The president’s tough-on-immigration policy has prompted the organizers of a caravan of more than 1,500 Central American migrants traveling through Mexico toward the U.S. border to request refugee status from the U.S. to call off their group expedition.

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Using FaceSpace

I don’t know for sure, because I’m not looking, but I suspect my FaceSpace feed is saturated with Yeoman Journal posts as I type.  That is deliberate.  I intend to use FaceSpace in the same manner it uses it’s members… each and every one of us who has an account.

The Zuckmeister’s platform works by farming your personal data and browsing preferences in order to funnel ad traffic to your feed.  Thereby, creating ad revenue for FaceSpace and making it’s ownership wealthy.  Then there is the less talked about element of attempting to steer public opinion by tailoring algorithms to show you only what FaceSpace wants you to see.  And, yes there is money in that as well.

All that said, I’m going to saturate my feed with Yeoman Journal posts in order to drive traffic here.  For what long-term purpose, I’m unsure.  But, immediately, I intend to use FaceSpace to sponsor my activities and… in the process, overwhelm the surveillance state by posting lots of Bloom and Muir ‘toons.  Because I want to screw with FaceSpace, any “interested” 3 letter agencies, the Goolag, etc and because I want to promote Berke’s and Chris’ work.

So… if you find yourself buried in my posts… bear with me.  There’s a method to my madness.

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Basics of Resistance… promoting a friend’s work

Basics of Resistance: The Practical Freedomista, Book I by [Wolfe, Claire, Perez, Kit]

This post is simply promoting a friend’s work and encouraging those of you who “want to do something” to start with a reading of Kit Perez’s and Claire Wolfe’s new book, ‘Basics of Resistance’.

I have not read the final version but, I was privy to the advanced copy… for purposes of review, critique, and vetting for accuracy.  By my estimation, it is a solid primer of resistance theory and technique in a world gone nuts.  Bear in mind that there is a distinction between “revolution” and “resistance”… although, many times that distinction gets a little fuzzy.

Kit and Claire are both solid folks (although on slightly different ends of the socio-political spectrum) and have done a nice job in this volume.  If you look at the world around you and think that something ought to be done, start with acquiring and reading this book and following the Patrick Henry Society blog.  Your inner activist will be glad you did.


The long-awaited day is here–and believe me, it’s REALLY long-awaited for Claire and I. The book is finished, it’s live on Amazon a bit early, and it’s available for pre-order right now. it’s called Basics of Resistance, and it’s the first of what we hope will be several books in The Practical Freedomista series. If you want…

via Basics of Resistance: Available for Pre-Order — The Patrick Henry Society