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Putting FaceSpace on the Clock…

The Yeoman Journal will continue to publish blog posts on FaceSpace for one more week (until 21APR18).  After that time, the Yeoman Journal will no longer publish posts that will co-publish on FaceSpace.  Or Goolag+.  Or much of anywhere else beyond this blog.  If readers wish to share our posts on those platforms, that is fine with the Yeoman Journal.  We simply won’t be playing the surveillance state reindeer games via the most intrusive and complicit platforms.

If, you wish to continue to follow this feed, it is recommended that you subscribe, directly, to this blog.

Anti-Datamining, Counter-Surveillance, Overwhelm the System, Resistance

Using FaceSpace

I don’t know for sure, because I’m not looking, but I suspect my FaceSpace feed is saturated with Yeoman Journal posts as I type.  That is deliberate.  I intend to use FaceSpace in the same manner it uses it’s members… each and every one of us who has an account.

The Zuckmeister’s platform works by farming your personal data and browsing preferences in order to funnel ad traffic to your feed.  Thereby, creating ad revenue for FaceSpace and making it’s ownership wealthy.  Then there is the less talked about element of attempting to steer public opinion by tailoring algorithms to show you only what FaceSpace wants you to see.  And, yes there is money in that as well.

All that said, I’m going to saturate my feed with Yeoman Journal posts in order to drive traffic here.  For what long-term purpose, I’m unsure.  But, immediately, I intend to use FaceSpace to sponsor my activities and… in the process, overwhelm the surveillance state by posting lots of Bloom and Muir ‘toons.  Because I want to screw with FaceSpace, any “interested” 3 letter agencies, the Goolag, etc and because I want to promote Berke’s and Chris’ work.

So… if you find yourself buried in my posts… bear with me.  There’s a method to my madness.